About Us

Those Electrical Engineers joined the public works department in the early sixties, would not be happy to recollect their unceremonious experiences. The Electrical Engineers used to be treated as an extra player and it is better not to speak of humiliation. In the year 1969, we formed our separate Electrical Engineer's Association for fulfilling our service status as well as highlighting the typicality in the job content of the Electrical Engineers compared to other discipline of Engineering.
In the early 70's, one central body consisting of about 18 Engineer Service Associations was formed. In 1974, we actively participated in the joint Doctor-Engineer strike which lasted for 41 days. Though a few common demands of the Engineers were met yet we found that those benefits were being continuously enjoyed only by a particular discipline of Engineering. Our humiliation remained as it was. In 1984, a few of us took active interest in pursuing the then Finance Minister and partial expansion of the Electrical Wing i.e., creation of Electrical Circle VI, Midnapore / Malda / Darjeeling Electrical Divisions with other subdivisions took place. Then came 1986 when an indefinite strike call by the said central body of Engineer's Association came. The step motherly attitude of this central body and their leaders led to a deep rooted resentment amongst a sizable group of members of the said Electrical Engineers Association and accordingly the house was almost decided 50:50 while taking a decision in joining the indefinite strike. Only for the sake of solidarity, all of us joined the strike. After the expiry of 85 days continuous strike, we came to know that the Government was contemplating to promote 6/7 promoted Electrical Assistant Engineers to Executive Engineer by condoning the codified length of service of 6 years as Assistant Engineer. At this point about twenty engineers in the rank of superintending Engineer, Executive Engineer & Assistant Engineer decided to join duty under intimation to the Association Leadership. We took additional charges of Divisions and the attempt of the Government was nipped at the bud. Though the strike continued upto 112 days, yet no demand was fulfilled. We could realize that until & unless we disassociate from the clutch of majority group of Civil Engineers and be independent in highlighting our professional difficulties, fight for fulfillment of the professional demands on our own strength, we will never be able to overcome our mental depression and in service humiliation. After lot of interaction amongst ourselves, we decided to form a new association on the auspicious day of 8th December '87 so that the spirit of Martyr Binoy, Badal and Dinesh can always haunt us for the fulfillment of our aims & objectives.
Since its inception in the year 1987 the EEA is carrying out its tireless Endeavour for the emancipation and professional excellence of Electrical Engineers working
in the Public Works Department, Govt. of W. B. starting with a mode of strength of a handful of engineers, the EEA, by dint of hard labour and sincerity has been able not only to expand and consolidate its membership base to beyond sixty per cent of the working strength of engineers in the electrical wing of PWD but also to have achieved the following land marks in the past few years :

1. Expansion of the Elect. Wing of PW Department by creation of new posts of Chief Engineers / Addl. Chief Engineers / Supt. Engineers / Ex. Engineers etc.
2. Separate LOC for Elect. Wing.
3. Segregation & Creation of Separate Budget for Electrical Wing and thereby de-facto recognition as a separate department
4. Conducting Annual workshops on various technical aspects which improve day to day working of the members.
5. Fostering a sense of brotherhood and unity among the members.
6. Developing the sense of social responsibility among members.
7. A concrete transfer policy of Electrical Engineers.
8. Enhancement of financial power of Asstt. Engineers starting from and above.
9. We do conduct State Level Workshop cum Symposium on matters of technical interest every year since 1989, in order to help build general awareness to keep abreast with the latest Developments in technical fields, especially in order that Government Sector Organizations may adopt and deliver to the common mass of people the benefits of modern developments in the fields of Technology. Engineers and Technologists of different disciplines from all over West Bengal do enrich the ceremony by their august presence & valued deliberations of different aspects.

We have set a No. of targets for ourselves for the coming year. They are summarized below :

1. To bring the entire field of electrical jobs presently being undertaken by Zilla Parishads into the purview of PWD (Electrical) Department.
2. To create a sense of awareness regarding Information Technology among our departmental Engineers (Annual Workshop & Symposium on I.T. on 5th January, 2001, was conducted and another Workshop & Symposium on I.T. FOR THE PEOPLE was staged on February 8, 2002).
3. To create the post of independent Engineer-in-Chief for the Electrical Wing.
4. To route recruitment of all electrical engineers of Govt. of West Bengal through PWD (Electrical) Department.